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Bericht vanuit het veld: Busi Taki Shoots in de mangroves

Christio vertelt over zijn ervaring in het veld: mangroves

Today we, @noele_jordan and I, continued shooting for Busi Taki.

We visited the seawall at Coronie, another coastal district of #suriname
#busitaki#bush #talk or #forest talk, is a new webseries about surinames #tropical #rainforest 🌳🌳🌴🌴

The topic was #mangroves

Mangroves: a tree or shrub that grows in chiefly tropical coastal swamps that are flooded at high tide. Mangroves typically have numerous tangled roots above ground and form dense thickets.

It was very educational!🧠🧠

In the clip, don’t mind my hair 🤦🏾‍♂️, I explain that I learned from miss Pauline Kersten, our guide who is also working at the Mangrove Education Center Coronie, MECC, told me there are more than 90 species of mangroves around the world and in Suriname we have 6 species but we are focused on 3: the red, black and White mangrove.

She also told me that the large trees in the back are also mangroves.😯

Pauline is very passionate about her job and stresses out the importance of giving mangroves a protected status and she hopes for Surinamese #legislation that will do so in the #future ♥️💪🏾

If you ever are in Suriname and pass Coronie on your way to Nickerie or Paramaribo, please stop there for a short guided #tour, its fun!

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